Restorative Dentistry

restorative dentistryDr. James Vogler and his Dansville dental team proudly offer several restorative dental procedures at their Dansville dentist office, A Smile by Design. Restorative Dentistry is an area of dentistry that describes procedures performed to “fix” problems with teeth. The goal here is to return teeth to their natural, full functioning state; Dansville and Wayland dental patients come to us for restorative work when they have issues like severe toothaches and/or missing teeth.

It’s important to fix issues like broken, decayed and/or missing teeth to restore your mouth to optimal oral health. Leaving issues unattended can cause greater problems down the line, like jaw bone deterioration and the loss of mouth function, including the ability to properly eat.

Dr. Vogler offers several restorative dental services at our office, including the following:

If you know, or think you may need one or more of these restorative procedures, call our Dansville dentist office today, to schedule a consultation about your restorative dental needs. If you are looking for a restorative dentist in Wayland or Dansville, please call us at (585) 335-7115.

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