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Smile Beginnings

At A Smile By Design, we offer a comprehensive list of services to meet the needs of each member of your family from childhood to adulthood, and we hope to see you and yours through each stage! Building long-lasting relationships is important to us, and it’s the best way for us to keep a close eye on any oral health changes. From ensuring your defense against tooth decay and gum disease is strong to helping you get your bite back, helping you treat pain in your jaw to making the smile of your dreams a reality—for these needs and more, we’re happy to be your dental home!

General Dentistry

We think of general dentistry as your oral health’s foundation. If it isn’t strong, the tasks we usually perceive as routine, like talking and eating, can actually become difficult or painful—not to mention dangerous. We want to prevent tooth decay, but also gum disease, the leading cause of adult tooth loss, and oral cancer, which claims one person’s life per hour in the United States. Regular examinations with x-rays and cleanings, combined with a solid at-home routine and healthy lifestyle are your keys to strong defense, which contributes to your overall wellness.

Restorative Dentistry

If your oral health has suffered from tooth decay, gum disease, excessive wear because of a TMJ disorder, or even a traumatic injury, restorative dentistry can come to the rescue. Ideally, the teeth we have in our mouths will stay healthy, strong, and with us for life—but what in life unfolds ideally? Your smile and quality of life don’t have to suffer for prolonged periods of time. We have solutions for decayed, chipped, cracked, broken, and/or missing teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Say you’ve got your firm foundation in place and all is well on the preventive front—that’s fantastic, and the team at A Smile By Design would love to commend you on your diligence! Regardless, you find yourself hiding your smile behind your hands when you laugh, or you prefer to keep your mouth closed when photos are being taken. We know how much confidence a straight, white smile can give a person, and that when your smile is stained, or you have misaligned teeth, you’re less likely to show it. We don’t think that’s any way to live, so we offer solutions for these smile woes, too!

Other Services

One of the biggest reasons we’re as passionate as we are about dentistry is because oral health plays a key role in your overall wellbeing. The oral-systemic link has been discussed and researched at length for over a decade now, with an understanding that what is happening in the mouth is very likely happening in the body. There is more to oral health than meets the mouth, too, which is why our comprehensive list of services is rounded out with TMJ/TMD treatment, and oral appliance therapy for obstructive sleep apnea.

Emergency Dentistry

In life, emergencies are bound to happen. Unfortunately, the health of your mouth (or the mouth of a loved one) is not an exception to this rule. A Smile By Design is here to make the best of a potentially traumatic situation. Dr. Vogler is on-call after hours, and our scheduling practices allow us room to accommodate emergency appointments.

Dental emergencies should be addressed as soon as possible, so if you or a loved one are experiencing a toothache, have lost a crown, or had a tooth knocked loose or out, you should call us immediately. For more information before you arrive, please refer to this Dental Emergency Guide.
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