Advanced Technology for Improved Experiences

Your dental family at A Smile By Design wants to make your visits as positive and comfortable as possible. We couldn’t achieve this goal without implementation of the latest technology and methods that make diagnosis and treatment processes faster, less invasive, more comfortable, and with results you’ll keep smiling about long after your appointment.

Digital X-Rays

Dr. Vogler uses digital x-rays because they are quicker, easier, and safer than traditional radiographs. With digital x-ray technology, you and Dr. Vogler can see your dental x-ray immediately on a computer screen!

3D Imaging

3D imaging software provides us with high-resolution digital images that can convert to a 360° model for more precise diagnosis and treatment planning—no messy impressions necessary!

Intraoral Camera

At A Smile by Design, we use intraoral cameras to get instant, 3D images of your whole tooth, or teeth. This helps Dr. Vogler to less invasively examine potential problems areas and show you exactly what he sees.

Oral CDx®

Detecting, diagnosing, and preventing oral cancer is of the utmost importance to us at A Smile By Design. When abnormal tissue or cancer is found early, it may be easier to treat. If you have any suspicious lesions, discolorations or sores in the mouth, we’ll use the Oral CDx Brush Biopsy for a definitive diagnosis, then we work closely with an accomplished Oral Surgeon.

Topical Anesthetic

Who’s a fan of shots and needles? Nobody we know! That’s why we’re happy to use a fast-acting topical anesthetic that penetrates deeply to ensure painless soft-tissue procedures.


In our Dansville dentist office, we recommend Cari-Free to our patients. CariFree is a group of professional grade dental products, including toothpastes and mouth rinses, that help prevent cavities from forming on your teeth.


Oral-B® Toothbrushes

A Smile by Design recommends and offers electric toothbrushes that can be purchased in-office. They are a highly effective and convenient way to make sure teeth get thoroughly clean every time you brush!

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If you have any questions about our technology or would like to schedule a visit with your Dansville dentist, Dr. Vogler, give us a call or request an appointment online today!

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