Crowns and Bridges

dental crowns and bridgesDansville dentist Dr. James Vogler uses dental crowns to repair teeth that are extensively decayed or damaged. Whether the tooth in question was damaged in an accident, broken through excessive wear, or has old fillings that deteriorated away—a dental crown can be fitted to protect the tooth from further deterioration and restore full function.

Unlike a filling, crowns cover the entire tooth. Crowns designed at A Smile by Design in Dansville are meant to mimic your natural tooth in both look and feel using high tech materials. The results are a restoration that is virtually undetectable.

Dental bridges are used to quite literally bridge the gap left by a missing tooth, or teeth. Bridges are most often created by putting crowns on the teeth on either side of a gap, using them as anchors for a restoration to span the gap.

Whether you’ve got a damaged or decayed tooth, Dr. Vogler can restore your smile to full form and function. If you are looking for a dentist in Wayland or Dansville to restore your smile, please contact A Smile by Design today at (585) 335-7115.

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